Extender Board Ideas for Atlas 210x radios
Above.. UGLY extender board I made up for an old rig I was working on.
I think it might have been for the Palomar Kachina 6 and 10 meter 1970s radio.

Today.. July 1 -2015.. I have had a request for an extender board for working on an
old Atlas 210x from the late 1970s.

I looked around the junkbox (basically most of my basement shop) and came up with
a Radio Shack 276-154A protoboard and a 225J-2222I-488 DDK BLUE colored board
connnector date code 1977.

Perhaps a search of a junkbox or ebay may turn up these items. It is a bit of work.
I actually etched away some of the copper on the board to the left and ran wire wrap
insulated wires to the edge connector and the fingers at the bottom of the board.
It did work even though it is ugly as hell !
The board fingers seem to match up fairly well to the Atlas 210x board connector that you see in the far right
of the picture and in the picture far right (closeup).
ABOVE AND BELOW: More ugly improvisation. I think the extender board with the yellow wires is one I made up for the FT301.
Later..I found a vendor for extender cards on ebay and he also advertises on qth.com swap list. He is in Rhode Island and he
makes extender cards in his home shop.

He uses a milling machine to make the cards. I have been using the 18 pin board I ordered from him  for my FT301 and 221
work. It works well.
The first article I wrote was at this LINK.
This is a short follow up article. It is presented for
information only. I do not sell Extender Cards and for
good reason !! Mine are too darned UGLY !