My Dachshund Page(s)..dedicated to my little friend Finnigan!
I will be adding much more to this Dachshunds page in the very
near future.

Dachshunds are fun little dogs..but they need to be protected
from their own nature!

If you want to save alot of grief..later in your dogs sure
to keep him/her from jumping off the furniture, off the bed, or
off much as possible.

Keeping their activity levels to a reasonable amount each day
and dont let them over do the digging or exercise or hunting!

We had to have an operation for Finnigan. We took him to the
animal hospital in Guelph and they operated on his neck. They
went in from the front and worked on a problem. I then started
using a harness rather than a collar and I began restricting his
activities and we put items on the furniture to keep him on the
He is almost 12 years old now and he is in fairly good condition
and he can run and hunt a little bit now and then..but I dont let
him over do it!
Dachshunds are playful little dogs. Finnigan is almost 12 years old now and he
is gradually getting a bit less playful but he still plays sort of like a puppy after
supper each evening. What happens is all the food gets eaten and put away
and my wife starts washing the dishes ..then Finnigan wants his play period of
about 20 minutes to a half or or even longer. Often we play ball with his soft
soccer ball that squeaks or we play with the furs like the wolfs head furs.
Actually..I think playing and biting and tug of war with the furs helps keep his
teeth clean.
When we play a typical Dachshund manner..Finnigan hogs the ball! He
doesn't really return it and I have to chase him down..which he enjoys. Also..he
often takes the ball into his collapsible dog house (his shelter from the storm!)
and he growls at me like crazy and snaps at me with play bites and I have to
wrestle the ball away from him! He wins about half the battles.
Dachunds love hunting and exploring. You have to keep them from over doing it.
Finnigan used to chase deer in the winter out of our yard when we lived near Ottawa.
Up here in Northeastern Ontario..there aren't as many deer but there are more bears
and elk and moose.
Dachshunds are a bit bold and mischievous (in a fun kind of way). They are not really for
everybody. I like their bold personality.
Finnigan grabbed this black squirrel (road kill) and simply would not let it go!
I bribed him with his supper (early) in order to get him to release it.
Finnigan was usaully ready for play time.
Up until about 13 years old Finnigan
would be quite playful. He lived to be 15
years old. The later 2 years of his life  he
would not play nearly as much and his
walking became difficult until he couldnt
walk at all.
This is why I set up this page about

Dachshunds and how to look after
them,and protect them from future health
problems,try and keep them from
overdoing things. They like to jump up on
beds and furniture but it is best to train
them and keep them from doing too much
jumping, back problems

Next Dachshund I get will be protected
better. I will be keeping him from jumping
up on things.

Its not easy. These little guys are quite
active and playful.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Any questions//comments you can send to

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At the camping spot near Eganville. Finnigan is looking for some hotdog bits and pieces as we
have a supper down by the lake.
Goose is our newest family member. She is quiet and shy but she has really bonded well
with my wife. -- She is still getting used to me however! - I shared some fried egg whites
from my Egg sandwiches tonight and she really liked that.
Pictures below:
I still miss Finnigan but it was time to move on and I have got another Dachshund named "Goose" A bit of an
odd name but..I looked it up on Facebook and there are quite a few people with the first name Goose ! -- I did
start calling her "Deuce" which I thought was a better name and I figured it was so close in sound that the dog
wouldn't know the difference.

Goose or Deuce has some new pictures at the bottom of this page (scroll down to view)
Out for a walk down to the nearby park.
Snooping around where the squirrel is up the tree. When she seen that squirrel she
sure kicked in to "over-drive". A try hunter just like Finnigan used to be.
GOOSE didnt see the squirrel yet until my wife showed it to her. She sure has the hunting instinct !
Back home in the front yard.
This page is under construction Nov 5-2016

I have added a little movie clip of Goose on YOU
TUBE -- just punch "Earl Andrews" into a You Tube
search and you can pick up my other little movie
clips - I have about 8 so far.
NEW VIDEO UPLOADED 12/12/2016 - GOOSE the Dachshund chasing reflections
JUST GO TO YOU TUBE and type in "Earl Andrews" to search for my videos and you can
find it among the videos I have posted.  I have 12 short videos posted so far to YOUTUBE.
Goose looking at my antenna project in the backyard.
Left: Goose in our backyard (hunting and sniffing around)
Above: Goose with what I think are her puppies when she was with
her previous owner.