Good Electrolytic Capacitors ..found through testing at
my basement Lab -- Earl VE3AB for ham radio re-capping
and projects me for trustworthy serice and
BRAND NEW ARTICLE.. 29TH November 2014 -- Well.. I have been writing articles about some of the bad components like BF981 dual gate
mosfets, QRP 5 watt rf type transistors such C2075s (2sc2075) and bad electrolytic capacitors -- BUT -- I have had good experiences
buying components from China and Taiwan as well. -- Here are some good ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS that I have tested.

I bought 20 of these Nipon KY series 1000 uf capacitors and they just arrived in my mailbox yesterday. So..I did the usual ..I spot tested
some of them to see if they have a reasonable ESR (Equivilant Series Resistance). These ones are good ! Pretty good in fact. 0.11 and
0.14 ohms ESR is very good.

So.. what Ive done now is I have started to order more of the Nipon KY series in to my shop here. I do my own service work on older
solid state radios and for 2015 -- I am going to start selling the odd kit of capacitors to re-cap radios such as FT301, older Ten Tec
ARgonauts and similar solid state radios from the 1970s and early 80s.

I just thought Id share some something positive about buying components from Taiwan and (especially China). Its not all bad news. I can
remember back in the 1960s when the first Japanese pocket sized transistor radios were comming on the market..there were all kinds of
bad comments about them and Japanese workmanship and electronics! We used to say Japanese stuff ! or no wonder it doesn't
work.. look at the label.. MADE IN JAPAN ! -- Those transistor radios were $1.00 each -- if memory serves me correctly. I also remember
my dad building a fallout shelter/blast shelter in the basement and receiving all sorts of Evacuation Plans and ways to protect yourself
from a Nuclear Blast! -- Anyways..enough of the memory lane chatter.. Here with this new article today and in the next few days..Im going
to show pictures and give information concerning GOOD ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS that I have tested and found to be quite good in
my tests.

NOTE: I use inexpensive but fairly consistant test measuring devices that I bought from China on ebay. It has allowed me to operate a
sort of mini laboratory in my basement on a shoe string budget.
I shop around but I make sure they specifically state in the ad for the item "NIPPON KY" AND THE picture in the ad shows clearly KY and that
little rectangle symbol. NOTE: SOME sellers on ebay will say Nipon KY or similar series NIpon..or something to that affect. Those I dont buy. Im
going to go all with what I know is good and the KY have been all good so far.
IN 2015 I will start listing some for sale on my web site. GOOD TESTED ONES that you can trust.
These readings of .11 or .14 ohm are quite good. Some
of the mediocre capacitors I have bought in the past
measured around 1.2 ohms or up to 2 ohms. Those
capacitors - I am not going to sell or use. Some of the
These JWCO ones I bought off ebay are not bad. 0.26 ohms is pretty
good. When you get up around 0.9 to 1 ohms ..that is the threashold
of where you might consider replacing the capacitor.

Certainly new stock should be down around below 0.2 ohms.

The NIPPON KY is certainly my first choice. Nippon is a very well
respected Brand and the measurements I made seem to indicate
good quality.

These JWCO ones ..are sort of on probation in my shop. I will use
them if I have to but I am NOW (29-11-2014) going to try and stock up
on NIPPON KY series in all the various values I require.
BELOW I pulled a 100 uf 16 volt electrolytic from an FT301 circuit card. This is from a late 1970s Japanese (Yaesu) transceiver. ESR was quite
respectable for a used capacitor from that far back.
Some of these older ELNA capacitors used in radios such as the older Ten Tec Argonauts of the
late 1970s and the Yaesu FT301 (also from the late 70s) test pretty good. I found the same thing
when working on an old Palomar Kachina from the same time period. The electrolytic capacitors
were considerably lower than the 1 ohm threashold and I would be hesitant about replacing
them or doing a recapping job -- Unless I had extra time on my hands or something.

Ive heard the opposite however. One fellow wrote me about his ailing ATLAS 210x radio (also
from the late 1970s) and he stated how much better the radio now worked since he did a
re-capping job on it. -- The S METER now came to life  and AGC action was now much noticeably

NOTE: there are (NOW) some capacitors comming out of China that are labelled as ELNA but
they are pure counterfeit garbage. If I were the ELNA corporation or whatever it is.. I would be
after these guys. I was developing a good trust in ELNA capacitors BUT after buying these
cheap counterfeits off ebay..I am now sticking to what I KNOW IS GOOD and that is NIPPON KY
So.. take note !!
Some of these GS (M) branded capacitors measured  0.47 ohms
Above PIctured: These CHONG CAPACITORS are not bad in ESR measurements ..but certainly nothing to write home about. I will keep them
around and use them if I absolutely have no choice.. BUT ..I am now going out to buy the NIPPON KYs or something just as good.. (IF I CAN

SOME OF THESE MEDIOCRE Capacitors that measure .47 or between this and 1.0 ohm are going to be kept in my bins and I may measure
them in a couple of years or so..and if they are still "not bad" I may end up using them or selling them. IF I DO SELL THEM..I WILL MEASURE
Well, thats about it. I will be adding more "good capacitors" to this page as I order some more in and
try them. When Im going to order more..I will look for Japanese named capacitors. Other good types
(according to what Ive read) might be Panasonic ECA(Panasonic M), Sprague 515D (M) , Panasonic FC,
Black Gate (high end), ELNA Silmic 2 good for HI FI.

My activites are ham radio and communications; so Iam looking for good quality and as well.. Iam
looking for longevity. Some Electrolytic Capacitors on ebay are advertised as "Long Life"and some
are advertised as "Low ESR"- Well.. I bought some of the ones advertised as Low ESR and Im not all
that convinced after measuring them ! Some of them were not good. on my short list is
Nippon KY and Nichicon PW(M).

73 and look for more test results in the future. Earl VE3AB
THESE Nichicon PW(M) series
capacitors I tested were pretty
good too. The ESR varied from
about .12 up to .16 in one instance.

I will also consider stocking these
for my shop and selling in small
quantities to hobbyists.