January 28 2016 - A few days ago I received my first order made through Ali
Express.com - I ordered qty 25 BF981s. As per usual procedures here I tested the parts.
So far Ive tested about 10 and all are bad so far. I am requesting a full refund. I dont trust
these parts
and Im not going to sell them at my small home based business
Netty Electronics. Details are illustrated below in pictures.
Parts arrived properly packaged all 25
of them. I set up an ESD foam to work
on. These parts are susceptible to
static discharge so I worked on the ESD
foam and I grounded myself periodically
to a piece of nearby test equipment on
the bench.

The case outline and pin out picture
was used so I could clip on the test
leads of my testers to the correct leads.

Each tester only has 3 leads. What I did
was to connect only 1 Gate at a time
when testing. This yields consistent
good results when testing GOOD dual
gate mosfets.  I had various other
MOSFETS on hand for comparison tests.

I had no problems with the good parts.
They all consistantly
ABOVE PICTURE shows the reading
of a bad dual gate mosfet. I think
this reads "PART UNKNOWN" or
something along those lines.

Pictured left is the GOOD READING
you will get with a good dg mosfet.
Below pictured the defective parts. They looked reasonably good and the PH on the part would seem to indicate PHILLIPS but I took a good second look at the ALI
Express listing for these parts -- (pictured near the bottom page of this article) and under "manufacturer" the listing reads "For Phillips"-- So perhaps some other
company manufactured the parts for Phillips -- All I know is these parts are defective.
Pictured below is a "Good" BF981 . Im starting to get low on stock of BF981s
and that is why I ordered in these 25 BF981s using ALI EXPRESS.

ALI Express does not use Pay PAL. That is my major beef with them. Other than
that ..they seem to have a pretty good selection of parts. I am cautiously starting
to order a few parts from them (wading in slowly) to see how things go.

Unfortunately.. this first order was not a good one.
BELOW is another typical "odd ball" reading I get with defective
BF981s. This entire scenerio is not a new one to me. IF you look at my
web site www.hamelectronicsmagazine.com -- you will find other
instances of bad components and junk.
Below on the tin foil are the parts that didnt test good.  I'm
not going to test the rest. Im going to quarantine the whole
order. I already have written the distributor and I have a
written copy made of my REFUND IN FULL. Note that ALI
Express does not use pay pal. I had to pay with a credit
I paid about $25 Canadian dollars for 25 BF981s which
included registered postage (I had to sign for these at the
door). Price was good but quality is JUNK !! JUNK JUNK!!  
BF981s  my third or fourth bad batch out of China !!!!! - by Earl VE3AB January 2016
electronicsmagazine.com -- Free online electronics magazine
I'm really having a problem getting good
BF981 dual gate mosfets. These seem to be
frequently counterfeited and they are no
good at all. Im wondering if this latest batch
is just 4 leads sticking out of a piece of
plastic with no internal workings!!
MY other web site is www.nettyelectronics.com - That is my
"commercial web site" where I have all my electronics parts listed.

To go look at the inventory
CLICK HERE for Netty Electronics web
site -- or just google it up. I also sell on ebay with a small ebay store.

http://stores.ebay.com/nettyelectronics is the address of my small
ebay store. I offer low prices and low mailing rates. I can mail small
items like these BF981s or other small parts for $2 across Canada
with letter mail.

that I hand test my parts. I test semiconductors and I even have a
tester for testing quite a few different types of ICs.
So..the good news is I got the refund promised to my. I have to wait until I get my credit card statement before I can see
the refund on my statement. With ALI EXPRESS.. it does seem to be quite good for buying in the CHINESE market place
and (this is my first transaction) it seems you can get your money back without too much haggling. That has been my
experience so far. -- NOW -- all I've got to find the genuine parts---!!! Not everything out of China is JUNK ! - The test
equipment I use to test transistors and these BF981s is made in China (bought from Ebay).

Anyways buyer beware!!! I thought Id try this distributor. Look at the promising ad above from their store on ALI EXPRess.

Anyways.. stay tuned for more articles from Earl VE3AB (hamelectronicsmagazine.com or Nettyelectronics.com)
for more articles about components.

I am really busy trying to sell stuff but I do take time to test the components and keep my inventory clear of phoney

ect from the 1970s and 1980s and early 90s) ..good parts prior to the Chinese arriving on the market. I buy old collections
of parts and I take donations of parts as well. Helps pay for these web sites. I also buy older solid state radio equipment
to fix up or part out ect.. 73 earl ve3ab
One thing for sure.. they gave me a refund without too much fuss ! 73 Earl VE3AB
WHERE CAN I GO TO get good parts? -- any recommendations. email me LINK HERE