Ten Tec Argosy Spare Boards (tnx to the U.S. ham who sent me these boards).
I will test the board and send it out to you. -- I would prefer you send me back the defective
board (board exchange) and I would credit you $10 back for that board. but not absolute that
I do that.
SSB Generator 80780A .. I have already tested this board in my Argosy 525D
and it works fine. -- PRICED at $30 - $20 if you send me the defective board
80787D .. this board will be a bit more expensive because of the bank of crystals.

Crystals (from ICM) sell for around $23 plus shipping. If I sold tested used crystals from
this board..I would charge $10 per crystal. Perhaps I could sell you the board without
the crystals if that would solve your particular problem. I am most flexible.
Every once and awhile I get donations of items no
longer needed/wanted ect.

These Argosy Boards will give me a little boost. Most
items I sell don't generate much money at all. With
donated items it is almost 100 pct profit and it helps
keep my prices low.

Im up here in Northern Ontario Canada and our little
city/town is sort of isolated so I have to be creative.

I will sell these boards after testing them in my 525
Argosy. These boards take a bit more work as
compared to the Argonauts and FT301 (which are plug
in boards)..but I will do this and still charge a very
reasonable amount.
NOTICE the SSB Generator board below: I priced at $30
and if you were to send me back the defective SSB
generator board..I would pay you a $10 rebate. This is
typical of my pricing. I am a retired Federal Civil
Servant and I do this as a retirement activity and a
mind activity and I enjoy it. Winters are long up here in
Northern Ontario and this hobby along with Amateur
Radio activities actually makes me look forward to
winters now!!! --73 earl ve3ab
Spare Power Cord. $9 plus postage.
Below pictures: I had to replace a busted PTO in my 525D. It was
damaged during shipping.

When I tried to get the dial skirt back on the shaft..I had problems.
I tried my old trick of using fishing line to make a loop around the
end of the wire clip and pull and push at the same time. Didn't seem
to be working this time. When fixing Argonaut 509 ..I had no
problem using this technique (it uses a very similar dial skirt and
retaining spring). So I tried the pointed tool pictured below and it
worked fairly easily.
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73 earl ve3ab