My "NEW" NEW OLD SURPLUS (n.o.s.) Bin .. June 1-2013 ..I have started to catalogue these
items. Some are rare pieces/parts like the 5 lead device (General Electric) w/box pictured below
The 4 heavy duty stud mount diodes were bought at an estate sale/ham radio flea
market. They date back to 1974. and are Motorola. I will be looking on ebay and
other places trying to dig up a price for these.

NOTE: I sell usually at a price considerably less than the EBAY COMMERCIAL
SELLERS. I am a small man basement shop and I have very little over-head.
1N4722 Qty 3 Motorla (Made In USA). -- I will be searching for a
reasonable price to assign to these items as well. I dont have an ebay
store..I am a one man shop..basement shop..and selling items like this
raises a bit of money to buy test equipment and accessories and shop
supplies. -- ALSO..I go out and buy parts for myself..
I just went out and
purchased 15 -- 3N211 dual gate mosfets. -- I will keep 7 for my own
shop use and I will be selling the other 8 at a very small mark up.
I will be selling the 3N211s for $7 each.
General Electric boxes/new old surplus parts that go with them.

Two nice old Transistors 2N514A dating back to unsoldered and I will test. I test parts like these before I send them out...UNLESS the parts
are complex ICs..which I can't really test..BUT..there are some IC testers comming out now that can test ICs and cost around $40 (made in China).,
Sed systems sample part in bag. Part nr. seems to be 3A9CS. Not sure what exactly this part is. It is held in my NEW N.O.S. bin
CTS256A-AL2 ..made by General Instrument back in the 1980s. Could be a fairly rare or hard to get IC.
I bought some of these when servicing the PLL board on the FT221
2 mtr multimode transceiver. I have some spares I can sell.
W04M, W10M, W06M and W08M ..these are small 4 lead bridge rectifier parts.

These ones I have are new old stock that date back to 1979 or 1980 and made by GI
which stands for General Instrument.
THE 4 DIODES ARE SOLD. A fellow in Florida bought them.
I used ebay to sell them. I currently have about 50 items
listed on ebay. Generally a few items sell there
I collect all kinds of odd and sometimes
weird components.

I research them as time permits. I look up
data sheets and perhaps look into how
they are or were used.

Sometimes..I go looking on places like
the Audio Forums and Stereo equipment
Forums (especially searching for
information about older germanium
transistors and other older stuff.

Its a hobby in itself collecting old
components. Not much money in it unless
you stumble on some old rare parts for
equipment people are fixing up and still
using or collecting.

There is big bucks in the Obsolete
Components business. I used to work in
the Federal Government (as a civilian) in
Canadian Military and small components
that are scarce and hard to find
sometimes command large prices from
the aftermarket vendors.

One such component that I have a few of
is the Texas Instrument TIL 306 and TIL
308. They are old ICs/seven segment
displays from the late 1970s. (Just check
the prices on ebay !)
These 4 diodes are sold (below).
Below the Text to Speech
controller IC is sold. A fellow in
Britain bought it from me. I had it
listed on ebay.
Below Motorola HEP 302 SCR (Thyristor) NOte the price tag. When I buy stuff at flea markets and garage sales I often get items like this one
in the box. Collecting is fun but it costs money ! -- It takes time to sort all this stuff and store it as well. It also takes (ALOT) (and I mean
A LOT of time to catalog this stuff and put it in a list like my BIG SUPERLIST OF PARTS. SEE MY BIG SUPERLIST
Someone wrote me the other day (Dec 2014) and he wanted a couple of 22 uh
chokes. Here are some used ones. I think I pulled these off of an old Video Disc
Player from the early 1980s. I really like the "look" of these parts. Nice colors. The
two red dots indicate the 22 and the black is like a multiplier of one (I think). I pop it
in my little inductance measuring gizmo and measure the inductance to be sure.
These little test instruments from China (ebay) are around $30 and work quite well.
Above.. crystal sockets and some DIP switches. The person was interested in these as
well. People and hams still build things and test out circuits and prototype stuff.
I charge 50 cents each for the larger switches and 25 cents each
for the smaller ones. I can ship them in a padded envelope for $2
to Canadian destinations and $4 to USA and a bit more overseas.
I guess thats about it. --- IF you have a collection of electronic components and you dont want to store them anymore.. Id be intererested in
buying them I live in Elliot Lake, Ontario. I travel down to Ottawa twice a year. Once to the Carp (west Ottawa) ham radio flea market in early
September and once to Smiths Falls (Rideau Amateur Radio Club) flea market in May. I can meet you there or along the way or in Ottawa.
Another thing people do is mail me the parts in a box or boxes. I pay shipping and I also give you payment for the components or (if you want) you
can donate the components.
Above .. some real sharp looking 22 pf cylindrical capacitors.

When someone wants to order some parts..I will take pictures of the parts (in
some cases) so he sees what I have available and the prices.

I dont have an automated system like the larger operations such as Digikey or
Mouser or ebay. Im mostly in it as a retirement activity. If I can make $10 a day on
average ..Id be happy. Just enough to sort of cover the costs of my hobby shop
and buy batteries and shop supplies and stuff like that.
REGISTER as a small home based business.
My new business licenced name is NETTY ELECTRONICS will soon be the main web site.

you can email me at :
this link 73 Earl VE3AB
the magazine
will continue on in the future as a "free on line
magazine" for ham radio and electronics
------> C YA.. earl ve3ab