MV1662 (in matched pairs or trios)...April 16, 2011..I have started testing these items
and they seem to test fine..see graph and test jig photos at bottom of this page for data I
did a bulk buy of 600.
I bought 600 of these MV1662 type varicap diodes. Variable capacitance diodes. . I plan to sell them for about 90 cents each. Dans Small
parts in USA had these listed for $1.65 each.
As noted above..I have my VARICAP diode test jig up and running as well as my
CAPACITANCE/INDUCTANCE METER and I can measure the capacitance of these diodes as well as other varicaps in my collection. The  
data sheets, pictures and tables of values from my testing available on these pages.
Here's some data from the Motorola data book:

Reverse voltage: 15 Vdc maximum

Specified capacitance with 4 volts of reverse bias:

       225pf minimum 250pf typical 275pf maximum

Q = 150 with VR = 4 volts at F = 20 MHz

Estimating from a curve in the data sheet gives the following capacitances
with reverse bias voltages:

VR Capacitance
2 430 pf
4 250
6 200
8 180
10 170
15 150
In researching the web for data on the MV1662: I came across this web site:

I have visited it a number of times in the past. Is very good site for receiver
builders. The above circuit was there..I think it was publshed originally in QEX
magazine in 1997. The MV1662 is used in this circuit.

I have several articles on the vackar vfo in my files and I think I may build this
circuit up in order to test my MV1662 varicap diodes out.

Seems like it might make a good stable vfo as well.

Several other QRP home brew radios use the MV1662 as well.
Typical test measurements from the NN1G
transceiver construction project..(I will be testing
these diodes to see how they compare..

1 Volt  450 pf        
2  Volt  320 pf
3 Volt   220 pf
4  Volt 143 pf
5  Volt  90 pf
6   Volt  60 PF
7   Volt   44 pf
8   Volt 37 pf

Quite nice range of capacitance. These parts are
great for ham radio projects.

I am thinking of building an HF preselector circuit
which uses them.

When I put my capacitance tester on an unbiased MV1662 I measured up over 450 pf
as well.
Looks like the range can be quite wide. Im not sure how high a dc voltage you can
safely use on them (however).

The NN1G web site and his designs are very well thought of in the QRP community.
I have taken these test points and inserted them (the green line) on the Graph
below pictured. HIS results were pretty much the same as mine. YOU might have to
allow a bit of a margin of error because my test equipment ..may not be as good as

NUMBER) note: my parts are not for government or industrial use and I
have only limited quantities. The MV1662 is an exception in that I bought a
whole bunch (600)...have'nt sold any yet!!! I am building a test jig to test
varicaps as per the AADE web site. 73 Earl VE3AB
CENTS  each diode. Dans Small
Parts in USA...(a good source of parts for the
hobbyist ((USA ONLY though)) sells them for
$1.65 each (although he sometimes has some
specials with lower prices.)

For a few of these...I can put them in an evelope
and just send them in a letter as normal mail.
Good for several variacs for the experimenter or
ham radio hobbyist..AND YOU CAN ALWAYS
and I will likely have quite a large stock for many
years to come!!!!!

In canada cost only a stamp. For USA $1.25 or
there abouts and I just send them in an ordinary
letter envelope.

For larger orders USA and overseas..I would
have to declare them with a slip (customs) and
it would cost a bit more. ie to California $2.60

to England or Europe $5.00 postage AIR takes
about 7 or 8 days.
I BUY ..SELL AND TRADE..(yes trade..we can diversify our junk
boxes together!!)..

SMALL RF SIGNAL PARTS (typical of qrp rigs and older solid
state radios from the late 70s and Atlas radio, FT301,
HW7 HW8 Ten Tec Argonauts ect ect...I spare these rigs and I
have good tested used parts (PULLS) at very reasonable prices..

for the hands on ham.... 73 Earl VE3AB
LINK to the main page of my ham radio and
electronics magazine:
www.ham (73's)
new..April 16,2011.. I have just completed building a little TEST JIG that
is featured on the AADE web site..for testing VARICAP DIODES.

I have a pretty accurate capacitance meter I will be using with this bridge.
I will be TESTING SAMPLE VARICAPS from all the ones I am offering for
sale. I WILL BE TAKING PHOTOS and will publish data here on my web
Andrews..I can test them before I ship them out to you.
For THE PARTS LIST OF parts I sell to hobby people..
click here  
Thumbnail picture..
NOTE: MY TESTER and instructions that were on the AADE web site..states that test
starts at 1 volt for maximum capacitance of the varicap.

Exceeding 15 volts could result in damage to the diode. I plan to push a few of these
MV1662s to the max voltage..I wont be selling the ones I push hard in tests!
It did'nt take long to build up the AADE LC meter VARACTOR test jig.
It works so well..Im going to rebuild it properly in an enclosure.
More details available on the AADE (Almost All Digital Electronics Website).
The graph shows these varicap diodes I have..SMV1662M3..seem to be the real McCoy. I was a bit concerned. I had bought a big bunch of them..600 on
ebay. Dans Small parts had them listed at  $1.65 on his site. I will be selling them at an INTRODUCTORY PRICE of only 85 cents each.

These are matched pairs or per the package label. So if you have a tuned circuit to tune..with say a multisection capacitor..these varicaps may
be the ticket. I have used varicaps in a tuned stage before as (receiver front end).
I 'TRADE' for parts as
well. Maybe we can make
a mutually beneficial deal.
73 Earl VE3AB