Jet Stream JTV 680 all band (broad band) vertical antenna-- some preliminary testing results.

also.. two PAR end fed half wave antennas are up on the tower and I discuss them too. (mirror sites)

Nov 12-2013
I have started testing this broad
band vertical antenna. The Jet
Stream JTV 680 costs about $300
up here in Canada..but I bought
this one (only a few months old)
for $150. The price was right and I
thought I'd give it a try. If nothing
else..I will use it for listening to
SWL stations and BCB listening.

First of all..a caution. This
antenna is currently not up in
what I would call..any sort of
permanent position. I am not
going to take down the mast with
my 2 Par End fed antennas and
mount the JTV 680 in its place.

I wont do this..unless....the JTV
680 shows me it would be worth
all the work involved. There is
cold weather now and a wee bit
of snow..and I will likely not be
doing any serious antenna work
until spring now.
Here is a shot of the current antennas at my
qth..VE3AB Elliot Lake, ON. Canada as of November
Below: pictured is the 4 by 4 wooden post out in the backyard near the garden.
That is where (previously) I had a Butternut HF2V and then I tried a 33 foot high
vertical and then I tried a large homebrew (16 ft high) screwdriver type vertical
made from 2 inch copper tubing. Lastly..this fall..I put up the Jetstream JTV 680 on
the 4 by 4 post (about 7 ft off the ground) and it worked but ..the report on 20
meters was that I was 3 to 4 S units weaker than my tower mounted Par EF 20.

So.. I decided to move the JTV 680. I mounted it up higher (the bottom about 9 ft
from ground). I am planning to raise it again if the weather permits before we get
You can see what I am up against here near ground
level. Im in a city lot and the neighbour has a garage
with a metal roof and my two sheds have metal roofs
as well.

My goal is to get the antenna mounted up at least with
the bottom up around the 15 foot high as to
get it up above some of the ground clutter.

The tower is only about 8 feet away from the vertical
and I have noticed my swr curves are not good.
So..that is another factor.

One thing I notice with the jtv 680 is that the noise and
signals are down from the PAR end fed half waves.

I have read other reviews that say that the JETSTREAM
690  is a noisy antenna because it has no selectivity
and it operates over a wide frequency range.
This has not been my experience. I find (in my noisy
city lot environment) that the JTV 680 antenna is low
noise. I switch from the par end feds to the JTV680 and
the noise level (and the signal levels) drop

This winter..when the snow is on the ground (not yet
21 Nov 2013) I am going to start doing some serious
evaluatons of the JTV 680. Right now Im too busy with
other things.

So stay tuned. -- DO you want to work me on the air and
compare the JTV 680 with my PAR End Fed Antennas..
SURE.. email me and we can try a sked.

CW or SSB. NOTE: the EF 40-20-10 is sloping off the
tower towards the northeastern USA and I can only use
25 watts max in this antenna.
The 20 Mtr EF 20H I can operate 100watts.\

my email is earlinclayton at CLIK HERE FOR
Was doing some testing yesterday..Nov 30 2013. Was testing the Jetstream antenna
vs. my PAR EF-40-20-10 -- I was testing on 7055 khz..the Transprovincial Net.
Generally..the PAR EF- (only about 39 ft long overall) was about 3 to 4 S units
stronger than the Jetstream Vertical. - NOTE: the Jetstream is sort of crowded in
next to the tower and much lower than the top of the PAR EF.
---->> I used the Jetstream Vertical for some Broadcast Band Listening on 590 KHZ
and got some fairly good signals from the station in Toronto that I was listening to.
Since the PAR EF 40-20-10 is rated for only 25 watts!! - I dialed my IC-718 down to 19
watts on the RF dial setting.

NOTE: I am quite impressed with the PAR EF much so..that I am starting to think
about either purchasing a higher powered version.. (they make a 100 watt version
for 40 and 20) or perhaps trying one of the copy cat versions is made by
some people in the netherlands.
for 2 meters..I have a simple dipole w/gamma match from an old 2 mtr
yagi. I hope to improve on that next year.
A look up the EF 40-20-10 par (lnr precision) end fed half wave.
NOTE: the loading coil (for loading on 40 and isolation of the 33 ft
section for 20 and 10 (1/2 wave on 20 and 2/2 wave on 10 mtrs).
For a short 39 foot long wire on 40 ..I get some nice reports with low
An article on my homebrew end fed half wave is here.
It is a 2 page article.
An article//pictures and notes about the PAR EF 40-20-10 here